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Genre: Post Rock

Forrester is a cathartic 5-piece instrumental music collective currently based out of Lawrence, Kansas, where the band was formed. The group is known for their experimentation with atmospheric soundscapes and song structure as well comprised of melodic droning guitars, syncopated drums, rhythmic bass, complimented by underlaying hip-hop beats and samples. The music that Forrester creates is written collectively, and takes much influence from genres such as post-rock, shoegaze, noise-rock, hip-hop, ambient, and electronic, to name a few. Members include Brian Rogers, Will Chertoff, Steven LaCour, Joe Newman, and Connor Creighton. Their EP \\\"Antithesis\\\" was released in March 27th 2014.


  • Brian Rogers
  • Joe Newman
  • Connor Creighton
  • Will Chertoff
  • Steven LaCour


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  • Forrester
  • 2014