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Panel Donor


Genre: Indie Rock

Panel Donor was an obscure indie rock band based in Lawrence, KS. They originally formed in the early 1990s with vocalist/guitarist Brandon Aikin, bassist Charlie Hines, and drummer Jeff Conaway. After releasing their first full-length album (self-titled), in 1994, on Lotuspool Records, they were joined by Jeremy Sidener, also on guitar. Songwriting was shared between Aikin, Hines, Sidener, and Conaway. They were active through the 90s, releasing two more albums: \\\"Lobedom & Global\\\", on Lotuspool Records and \\\"Surprise Bath\\\", on Sonic Bubblegum.


  • Brandon Aikin
  • Jeff Conaway
  • Charlie Hines
  • Jeremy Sidener


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Lobedom & Global

  • Panel Donor
  • 1996

Panel Donor

  • Panel Donor
  • 1994