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Tornado Rose


Genre: Alternative,Alt-Rock Bluegrass

Tornado Rose is a roots band with music that bridges bluegrass, classic country and rock. They offer fresh homage to the evolutionary nature of music at every turn and transform a wide spectrum of inspiration into pure musical fusion. Tornado Rose released their debut EP titled ‘Dust in my Shadow’ in 2013 and followed up with the release of their single, ‘Fireball Run,’ in 2014. Tornado Rose won the 2014 Walnut Valley Festival New Song Showcase with their hit song ‘Wilderwood Flower’ and they are the only full band to ever win the New Song Showcase.


  • Brooke Bell
  • Dustin Gill
  • Jim Triggs
  • Josh Bell
  • Clint Dayhuff
  • Ted Myers


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Dust in My Shadow EP

  • Tornado Rose
  • 2013

Fireball Run

  • Tornado Rose
  • 2014